Faceless bundle

Im on my way home from work and im in great spirits. Not only is my late shift on a Sunday over, but im on holiday now for a week and I, the hoarder and the princesses are heading to centre parc in the morning…its also snowing!
You can tell im in great spirits by how quickly I make it to the bus stop…before the bus.

That was until, as I approach the stop I can see a large bundle in the doorway of the bank.

Its a dark mass of clothing …I hope its clothing.

Its not, its person shaped, but has no face. On a pile of bags and other minimalistic belongings, hooded army jacket zipped up and their face burried in their arms tucked under each other so as to protect any extrimities from the weather.
As I walk past I wonder what to do. Leaving them there like that in the snow is excrutiating!

Do I disturb them & offer them money to get something warm to drink & eat despite not having much money (more than them) the council tell us not too, we have soup kitchens nearby. At least enquire if there is anything he needs?

Fear stops me doing anything. I continue walking to the bus stop. As I do that bundle moves…a shiver? Or sobbing?

I would love to know his story. The story of how he got there to that door way in the snow.
He could tell me over coffee, maybe I could help? Offer counselling, advice & guidance the stuff I do every day for those who know where to go for it.

I made the wrong decision walking past. But now here I am, typing on my phone as I walk down my street to my nice warm house, my family to prepare for a great family holiday and sleep safe & warm in my bed.

I wonder where my faceless bundle will be by the morning…will he stay? Nudged awake by the staff opening the bank or be moved on?

What about tomorrow?