No bread bacon wrap


I dont normally post photo’s of food in social media. I have never been keen on seeing photo’s of other peoples dinner…even more so since I started my diet. (yes that kebab may look yummy to you but to ithers it looks like slop on a plate …yes im jelous!) Anyway, my diet consists of reducing the amount of bread I was eating (up to 6 slices a day was never gonnna be healthy) I have used pinterest as my inspiration & found the lettuce wraps …I gave fallen in love with these babies. Grab a lettuce leaf I love iceburg, but also tastes great with a baby gem for an open S/W. Smother with hommus and chicken peices then roll it up! So today I fancied a bacon butty. Usually this means thick bread, loads of butter, brown sauce and hot grilled bacon…Mmmm But im on a diet. How can I have a bacon butty with less calories & fat? Here’s how: Lettuce leaf as above Spreadable low fat/ light cheese Bacon medalions (fat cut off) Then roll it all up.

I have a new fave & according to my fitness pal there are 217 Calories in 2 of these wraps…compared to 503 in 1 of my usual bacon butties.

You could replace the spreadable cheese with light mayo…or anything else to add a bit of moisture & more taste which would reduce the calories further.

I think I should add that on this diet & doibg Jillian Michaels 30day shred I have lost 1 stobe (14lb) Im,about to start the 30 day shred again with heavier weights & the more advanced moves…heres to another 1 stone loss.