Happy New Cycling

Hello….did you miss me?

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and gained all that you needed from your Yule celebrations. I have had a wonderful Christmas. The highlight being able to spend some very valuable time with my children and The Hoarder even had a day off work that did not involve his phone ringing every 5 minutes. It was wonderful to have his undivided attention for a short time and I know the girls appreciated it too. I have some very exciting events coming up this year. We are going to centre parc again (see last years visit here!) I have tickets to see Bon Jovi and Biffy Clyro from my clever clever boyfriend as well as a trip to Blue Reef Aquarium to review on here in the very near future!

Happy new year by the way. Have you made any New Year resolutions? I have the usual. Loose weight, do more with my Beautiful Princesses. However, encompassing all of these is one resolution. That is to cycle 90% of my commute. By saying 90% I am attempting to be realistic and allow for snow days and days when The Hoarder has to give me a lift due to his work commitments. As well as this I intend to take the girls out on the bikes more often. Big Princess is getting really good on her bike and Smaller Princess is very comfy in the bike buggy so there is no reason why we cant all go out.

So this is my plan for 2013…to cycle more and therefore do more with my children.

I rode my first commute of 2013 to and from work tonight. Oh my goodness I have missed it so much. I loved every second of  the ride there and the ride back. I can’t wait to do it again tomorrow night.

I am free


A Meme: Music as Therapy

Yay my first tag and my first Meme. What a cracker it is too!

This meme was started by the talented, honest and pant wetting hilarious Mammywoo. Go check out her blog and the original Music as Therapy meme.

Music as Therapy

I was tagged in this post by the lovely Averagemummysaz, go read her wonderful Tales of an Average Mummy and her Meme: Music as therapy right now!

O.k so here are the rules, pick;

3 beautiful songs.

3 different bands.

3 sets of lyrics that touch you in anyway you want to show.

So after I did my little dance of excitement, I spent the next 2 days wondering what songs I could choose, out of the many bands I love can I choose just three?…Just three songs?, I am never going to choose just three bands, how can I choose between the fab Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Muse, Linkin Park, Skunk Anansie….oh too many, too many! Where do I start! Three that have somehow had an impact on me, Mmm this sounds like something I could do. This was gonna take some serious sifting through the endless CD’s and Downloads I have.

So here I go. After reading through a few of the other Meme’s that Mammywoo has on her blog post I discovered that I was not the only one who had lost touch with music after children were added to the equation. This has been something that has alway bothered me. Music has always been a huge part of my life, part of my identity.

As a baby I apparently would not sleep (must be where Smaller Beautiful gets it from!) so in a desperate last resort (after the whiskey in my bottle…Mmm) my parents followed DR Spock’s advice and put the radio on in my room. Well at 27 and pregnant with my first I child I was still listening to my CD’s to help me sleep…I kid you not. Even now, I look forward to the rare (getting rarer) occasions where the little ones are at the grandparents and I can go to bed with a few chosen CD’s to listen to. I drift off to an imaginary place where I am singing (and not sounding like the tortured animal of real life) I am dancing and everyone I know are there having a good time. I go there to deal with anxieties, gripes and get happy. It’s my happy place.

Music has shaped my identity, been there through bad times, happy times, angry times, silly times and down right embarrassing times! So I figured I would look at the CD’s that I listened to the most during the major transitions in my life, this blog is meant to be a journey of self discovery after all so let’s go discover myself.

I’m starting at the main transition in everyone’s life…turning into a teenager! This is about the time I started to also turn into a self-confessed Goth, I just did not know it at the time. I loved Metallica, Guns and Roses, Bon Jovi etc. They all spoke to me . But non more so than a band my cousin introduced to me. L.A Guns. I played the copied cassette over and over again. There were some amazingly wonderful songs such as Crystal Eyes (go find it!) but none more wonderful than “I Found You”

When my Nanna died in 1993 I was 13, This is the first song that came into my head when I was told. I still have my diary from that time with the lyrics scrawled across the pages, smudged where I had sobbed over each line! When I met The Hoarder I told him how much I adored L.A Guns so he spent 4 years hunting them down to book them at the music venue he works at…I got to watch Tracii Gun live just feet away from me. It is the most wonderful thing anyone has ever done for me. (Thanks babe x )

I Found you by L.A Guns

Somebody love me
Somebody care
Somebody hold me
When I am scared
Somebody reach out and hold my hand
Somebody somewhere must understand

I found you
You wanted me too

Somebody touch me
Somebody give
Give me a reason
I wanna live
Oh, I don’t ask for much
All I want darling is a little trust

I found you
You wanted me too
I found you
You wanted me too

Somebody trust me, Somebody care
I ain’t got much, girl
But I’m willing to share
Oh it’s hard, this world can be so cold
We all need a little love
It’s what makes us whole

I found you
You wanted me too

O.K so on to the next one. The next transitional period in my life must be the end of my Teens and into my 20’s I was at college studying Communications and Media graphics-specialising in sound. I was sure that I was going to be a radio D.J so this is what I was learning to do (see music, music everywhere!). At my tutors request I started listening to other music Genre‘s. It was this tutor Mike Jossling who introduced me to Jazz. My music tastes became eclectic, Rock, Punk, Country, Jazz, R&B, Blues, Soul…I really did devour it all. The CD I loved to listen to at this time and that I still own (all be it a new copy) is Otis Redding: The very best of. It has been a challenge choosing songs from this album. I wrote a short story around this time called “In these arms”, whilst listening to These Arms of Mine (Cue bed scene in Dirty Dancing, pausing the VHS as Patrick Swayze climbs out of bed, just so you can see his bottom. I know you did this!).

But I think it is the track Cigarettes and Coffee that remind me most of myself at this time. Still not a good sleeper I would head out to cafe’s or sit at the kitchen table to drink bottomless mugs of black coffee and Cigarette after Cigarette alone or with the latest boyfriend:

Cigarettes And Coffee By Otis Redding

It’s early in the morning
About a quarter till three
I’m sittin’ here talkin’ with my baby
Over cigarettes and coffee, now
And to tell you that
Darling I’ve been so satisfied
Honey since I met you
Baby since I met you, ooh

All the places that I’ve been around
And all the good looking girls I’ve met
They just don’t seem to fit in
Knowing this particularly sad, yeah

Butr it seemed so natural, darling
That you and I are here
Just talking over cigarettes and drinking coffee, ooh now

And whole my heart cries out
Love at last I’ve found you, ooh now
And honey won’t you let me
Just be my whole life around you
And while I complete, I complete my whole life would be, yeah
If you would take things under consideration
And walk down this hour with me
And I would love it, yeah

People I say it’s so early in the morning
Ou, it’s a quarter till three
We’re sittin’ here talkin’
Over cigarettes and drinking coffee, now, lord
And I’ll like to show you, well
I’ve known nothing but good old joy
Since I met you, darling
Honey since I’ve met you, baby yeah

I would love to have another drink of coffee, now
And please, darling, help me smoke this one more cigarette, now
I don’t want no cream and sugar
’cause I’ve got you, now darling
But just let me enjoy
Help me to enjoy
This good time that we’ll have, baby
It’s so early, so early in the morning
So early, so early in the morning
And I’ve got you
And you’ve got me
And we’ll have each other
And we don’t, we don’t want nothing but joy, y’all
Nothing but joy…

Ok this is longer than I thought it would be, sorry, but here goes the last one darlings. I could not have anything else here but Bon Jovi. This band has been with me since I was 12. I own every single album. My best mate and I would sit for hours playing CD after CD singing every word. I got to see the These days tour when I was 15 and when I was pregnant with Big Beautiful, another major transition in my life, I listened to the album “Lost Highway”. When I went into labour this was the CD I took with me. I love ‘Whole lot of leaving’ and ‘Everybody’s broken’, but the song I listened to the most was (You want to) Make a memory. Maybe because at the time I was creating my own little memory. The birth may not have gone well, but I do remember this album playing and making The hoarder play it again or skip back to this song at moments of clarity:

(You want to) Make a Memory by Bon Jovi

Hello again, it’s you and me
Kinda always like it used to be
Sippin’ wine, killing time
Trying to solve life’s mysteries.
How’s your life, it’s been a while
God it’s good to see you smile
I see you reaching for your keys
Looking for a reason not to leave.

If you don’t know if you should stay
If you don’t say what’s on your mind
Baby just, breathe there’s no where else tonight we should be-
You wanna make a memory.

I dug up this old photograph
Look at all that hair we had
It’s bittersweet to hear you laugh
Your phone is ringing, I don’t wanna ask.

If you go now, I’ll understand
If you stay, hey, I got a plan
You wanna make a memory
You wanna steal a piece of time
You could sing a melody to me 
And I could write a couple lines
You wanna make a memory.

That’s it, that’s my three. So I’m guessing I gotta tag some folk to do this now (i’m new here)  Most of the blogs I follow have been tagged I think. If not let me know and I will tag you good n proper!  I would love to hear what my brother @Mikeybensonesq’s 3 would be and my friend @Dawnebabe who has a great blog, recently revived!