About the cycling mummy

MMMM…what to write?

I am a cycling  Mummy to two beautiful princesses and I live with a cycling Hoarder. I will be writing about my life with them, my life as a trainee counsellor (hopefully one day a qualified one!), cycling with my girls and partner and being a pagan.

Mainly I will be trying to find myself after giving my body,  mind and soul to my family. They wont give it back, you see and apparently want more…so I need to find my mind, my locate my skinny body under all this….cuddliness  and keep hold of what’s left of me as I stumble, cycle and run through life,  love and tree hugging.

Chat soon



7 thoughts on “About the cycling mummy

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  2. Hi, I just found your lovely blog via Britmums Newbies group. It looks great and I’m really interested in the fact you are a trainee counsellor as this is something I’ve thought about doing for ages! Looking forward to reading more x

    • Hi, thank you so much for coming by & for your lovely comment! I can not recommend counselling training strongly enough. It is my belief that everyone should have this training regardless of their career…may make the world a better place x Good luck if u decide to go for it (do it) and I look forward to chatting again soon x x x

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