Anyway up 360 Toddler cup – a review

For a long time now I have battled with Smaller beautiful’ terrible two’s. I’m actually beginning to think that rather than tantrums she is simply trying to turn my hair grey, make me lose any sanity I may have remaining and make my heart stop as she throws herself around and destroy my furniture for the sheer pleasure of it!

As well as the tantrums my little monster is a dare-devil and seems to have no fear. She loves anything that spins and makes her dizzy in the playground, she launches herself off my sofa and loves to climb.Tonight she climbed onto her sisters bed, up the headboard and over the side of her cot into bed. She thinks nothing of climbing in and out of her high chair and onto the kitchen table. The Hoarder even watched in horror as she climbed onto the kitchen work tops tonight whilst I was at work.

This is one of her favorite moves and anything in her way gets sent across the table.

Despite giving me an early heart attack, premature greying and a sore throat from shouting “Nooo!” all day, possibly the worst thing is the beaker of water she carries around with her.

I find puddles everywhere and I have tried everything I could think of to stop them. We tried a soft spouted “non-Spill” beaker, it even had mickey mouse on it.  She did once have blackcurrant juice in it, but I have a cream sofa…It’s not cream any more. Smaller beautiful discovered she could stick her cute little fingers into the spout and tip out the juice…clearly the “non-spill” manufacturers had not counted on my daughter using it.

The nearest solution I had found was a large travel beaker, this did not spill and she could not get her hands in to pour anything out. Putting it together though was like an episode of the Krypton factor (Puzzle solving, physical game show for those younger than I!) Eventually we gave up and only use this one when the girls are ill so we could keep it in their room without the worry of their bed being soaked.

Then a few weeks ago Twitter came to my rescue…again. @Anywayupcup tweeted for bloggers to get in touch to do a review. I don’t normally do reviews other than sharing my personal opinion on subjects, places etc but considered myself an expert in the field of cleaning up puddles of juice from leaky beakers ( or beakers destroyed by my daughter!). I also figured it was worth one last try for a beaker that could possibly save me some time in the day by not cleaning up spills. Besides how could I not when they clearly say Anywayup-Home of the original leak-proof cup. It’s like we were destined to be together.

A little far-fetched? Sorry, but I was desperate.

We went on the website to have a look at the beakers available, I hadn’t really wanted another spouted beaker as I knew exactly what would happen, I also wanted to try to teach Smaller Beautiful to use a “Big Girl” cup like her sister, all attempts at this had previously led to her chips swimming and a wasted dinner! When I spotted The Original 360 Toddler cupI knew this is what we needed:

Which one? Which one? So many to choose!

Perfect for my Smaller Monster…I mean Beautiful

The original revolutionary 360° Toddler cup features an innovative circular valve system, that with gentle sipping allows toddlers to drink from anywhere around the rim.

The cup helps with the progression from sucking to sipping, introducing them to the final stages of drinking independence, so before long they’ll be drinking from a proper cup

I was amazed at the range of cups available and wondered why I had never thought to find out about these sooner. I showed Smaller  beautiful all the cups. I emailed the lovely friendly folk at  Any way up cup to let them know which one we would like to try. To be honest by this point if they did not let me review one I was fully intending to buy one to try anyway. I thought at £5.95 per cup this was pretty much a done deal and great value, I had expected them to be much more expensive.

The cup came and Smaller beautiful was very excited that she had a “Big Girl” cup just like her sister.

Nice new Anywayup cup, Yummy Juice…MORE!

We thought a fight over the new cup was on the cards, but the swap and swap back passed peacefully…for a change.

That dinner time we put it to the test. it was certainly a hit with the girls and we dared The Hoarder to pour the water on his head, he then dared Big Princess (who was laughing so much I thought I was going to be cleaning puddles up after all!) to pour it on her dinner , after all this is exactly what would usually happen with Smaller beautiful’ drinks!

The moment I wondered if I had put the lid on tightly?

No Synchronised chip swimming here!

So since then we have used it every day. Over the past week we have had a very poorly household with Big Beautiful off school and Both Princesses and Cycling Mummy having fevers, poorly heads and tummies.

We have not needed the complicated beaker as our anyway up cup has served us well and both girls have used it at night for a drink without any fear of it spilling on their beds. It’s simple and easy to take apart and clean. So no more searching for the ridiculously small brush or searching for pip cleaners to clean inside the spouts! The packaging says dishwasher safe, although as we do not own a dishwasher I can’t comment.

This is an amazingly brilliant beaker, although we did go a little crazy with the testing and found that if you give it a really, really, really hard shake over The Hoarders head (for research purposes only…honest!) some drops of water do come out…that said it’s certainly not enough to ruin a dinner or a sofa!!

I am very grateful to Anyway up for letting me do this review and sending my Smaller Beautiful (Read as Monster!) the 360 toddler cup to try. This has certainly saved me some time in my day and allowed me to keep hold of a few more marbles. I can’t wait until we all feel better to go out on our bikes, no more stopping to get the girls a drink as we know they can keep this in the bike buggy with them and no one ends up with a wet bottom.

No wet bottoms in here on our next ride

If you would like to find out more about the range of cups available; including the Bird cup, Cow cup, spouted cups and beakers then you can find their website right HERE! or click on any where in the post it says Anyway up


2 thoughts on “Anyway up 360 Toddler cup – a review

  1. i so need to get one of these cups, Joshua is terrible he hates spouted cups and although he drinks nicely with a ‘normal’ cup he is still to little to manage this one his own! will be checking the website tomorrow. Thanks for sharing

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