How my child sees me (Meme)

I was tagged by the lovely Bike lights in the fruit bowl to take part in this Meme. I am not sure where is started, but what a good idea.

Both my Princesses love drawing and arts and crafts so it wasn’t to much of an effort to grab the colouring pencils and paper and set them to draw.

I was tagged in this Meme on Wednesday while Smaller Beautiful was at nursery so I asked Big Beautiful if she would draw a picture of mummy as though she had taken a photo, what did mummy look like?

You know when you ask your child a question…and then wish you hadn’t?

To get the best drawing possible we needed to explore mummies face and head

So far so good, this actually set the theme for this activity as we were both laughing so much it was hard for Big Beautiful to draw anything! But on with her drawing she went!

Laughing at mummy and what she was about to draw

So then it was time to get serious as she talked about what she was drawing. My long brown hair that still has red strands in it from last christmas’ hair do…seriously this is how long I leave my hair cuts! ( So far so good!)

Time to get serious

My child is so funny…good job really

So here is one of her many drawings of how she see’s me. The two sticks I’m holding are my crutches which I have not used in about a month, I can only imagine that she has remembered this as a worrying time for her and something she still thinks about. It’s the only time she has seen me as a normal human being, rather than Mummy who fixes things and makes things better. This was so interesting to see and led to a really good talk on how she was feeling about this. (once a counsellor always a counsellor!)

The circle is apparently my tummy…**Sighs**

You did ask

So I asked her to draw another one, what else would she draw? This is her drawing a 2nd picture. I really wish I had not asked. This is the picture she was drawing. Apparently I am asleep inside the rabbit hutch…calling Dr Freud!

Mummy asleep inside the rabbit hutch

So this is apparently how my daughter see’s me. I am long-haired (with old red streaks) a large round tummy **Sulks** and I sleep in a rabbit hutch. ????

Despite my increased motivation to loose weight and get The Hoarder to clean out the rabbit hutch more often I did enjoy this especially the fun afternoon it created for me and Big Beautiful. I have not laughed like that for a while.

The best bit was later on that evening when she brought me this and told me she loved me.

I love you Mummy

Now I have to tag other mummies in this Meme.

I tag:

Mama OWL


Mummy Stuff


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