Valuing the simple things

Sometimes in the rush of daily life I forget.

I forget to stop.

I forget to breath.

I forget to open my eyes and to see, to really see the wonderful things around me.

When I remember, when I stop, when I take that deep breath that floods through my body finding all the muscles tight with ‘life’ and I open my eyes and really see …I’m always surprised.

I’m surprised at how much my body has been aching to relax and slow down. I am surprised at how much air I can fill in my lungs and I’m surprised how such simple things can change my mood, the way I feel and how I view myself and the world around me.

I love the moment the wind catches my face cycling fast down hill

I love pushing myself to cycle the incline home, reaching the top and looking back over the city at night lit by thousands of little lights.

I love the feel of little arms around my shoulder squeezing after the softest but sloppiest kiss goodnight from my girls.

I adore the colours of autumn (see Ode to Autumn to find out how much!)

Right now, this very moment. My babies are sound asleep in bed, I am snuggled in a nice warm bed, I have Breaking Dawn part 1 on my bedroom TV (and tickets to see part two in my purse), I have a warm whiskey and ginger next to me and after writing my post I’m going to snuggle down with a book (and maybe another whiskey…well it is Friday).

There are lots of things I am worried about right now such as our finances, my relationship and people I know (and technically don’t know on Twitter) But right here in this moment…I am at peace.

It’s a wonderful feeling and I am going to enjoy it a bit longer and remember it and the next one and the next time I am flying down hill on my bike … I’m going to savour that too.

What moments do you love and want to savour? **Cheer**


8 thoughts on “Valuing the simple things

  1. I enjoyed this post a lot. It can be easy to forget the little things and just get lost in all the stresses and requirements of daily life. That is why I love even just a simple bike ride. It forces me to be in, and enjoy, the moment and all that there is…the sun, the wind, the noises, the nature, the other people. Sigh. A little smile just escaped…thank you for making me smile!

  2. what a lovely post! I can relate to all of the above, except for flying downhill on my bike which is in the garage probably rusting away, must go check on it! Savouring moments along the way, I’m all for it….

  3. This post is elegantly spoken, helping to remind us all; that it is indeed the little things. What a special life you have with your girls and moments to cycle.
    For me the little things are a game of chess with an older gentleman, who tells me of folk lore and his life that is drawing nearer its end. The crunch of snow beneath my shoes as I walk home from the small pub where we play. The smell of mint on my fathers breath, as he kisses my forehead to greet me at the door. Then a warm bed to climb into to sleep in peaceful sweet peace.
    Thank you for your post, a reminder that life is as precious as we see it.
    Happily following your post,

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I love that you are spending time with that older gentleman & playing chess together. These sound like lovely moments, thank you for sharing them with me & thank you for following x

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