Come on in out of the cold…Bunnies x

Brrr! It’s cold tonight!
I always worry about our rabbits on nights like this and wonder if they are too cold. The Hoarder thinks im crazy. They are rabbits, they live outside, its natural for them.
It’s not though is it…they are not wild bunnies…they are my bunnies.
‘Don’t-Drop’ is my beautiful, playful and brazen, black little doe and ‘Fragile’ is my shy and timid, blue little buck.
I have been giving them a little extra feed, extra hay & straw to keep them warm & for extra body fat.  Is it enough?
I almost put their blanket in their bed tonight…yes they have their own blanket (its pink!).

My concern comes from the loss of a wonderful Lion Head rabbit who answered to the name of ‘George De Bunny’ He was wonderful…he thought he was a dog. He played football & chase with us, he loved watching TV whilst I brushed him & he jumped into his hutch when we yelled “George…hutch!” Without fail.

In 2010 we got lots of snow…then
we got some more snow, do you remember?…we got more snow on top of that here in the North East & more!
That was the year Smaller Princess was born. I was very distracted with my 3 month old & did not check on George De Bunny as often as I should have in that snow. We also bought Hay instead of straw for his bed which, due to his need for warmth & energy 2 keep warm- he ate (they dont eat straw) so His bedding was low, we had put tarpaulin over his hutch to keep out the wetness, but not the cold.

The Hoarder checked on him & took over his care, but this was not enough to help him the night it dropped to -9.
He had gone the next day

We were heartbroken. I knew we should have brought him in!

Big Beautiful still talkes about him & has drawn a great picture of him. While our new Dwarf Lops will never replace him they do, together, fill some of the hole he left & we have learnt a hard lesson.

Don’t-Drop & Fragile have Straw in their bed, a hay feeder, a huge hutch, extra food & an indoor hutch to come in from the cold, as well as brilliant names!






inside the hutch – so cute



The question is…How cold is too cold? When do I bring them in?

Do you have outdoor pets? Do you bring them in from the cold?

UPDATE: I could not get a photo of the hutch we have for the bunnies ouside when I wrote this post (on my phone) and I think it may help to explain why I have not suggested putting it in the shed or getting a cover for it…it’s too blooming big lol.

The bunnies castle x


4 thoughts on “Come on in out of the cold…Bunnies x

  1. When we had rabbits I used to put the blanket under the tarp over the hutch if it dropped below 8c outside , I took a temp reading about 2 hours after doing this one night and it had raised the temp in the hutch back to about 17c which is a much better temp for bunnies

  2. i loved your post, i had my 2 guinea outside and worried constantly about keeping them warm enough. i did find 2 fantastic products one was a foil hutch cover that looked like something out of star trek (but was easy to fit) then i bought a green full hutch cover that was a see-through plastic at the front and green waterproof over the back and both sides. I got mine from Pets at Home.

    • Thank you for reading x I have updated the post since you stopped by. I had wanted to include a pic of their huge hutch. Unfortunately no one does a cover for this hutch, which I was not aware of when I bought it. I have added a photo of it now so you can see just how large the thing is lol

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