I’ve got to break free


I am so angry at myself right now. Almost 2 weeks ago I was free. If I wanted to go anywhere I just jumped on my bike.
Kids? No problem. I simply hooked up our bike buggy & strapped them in.

School run
Commute to work
Local park


Now…well, now I am trapped because I stupidly fell over myself and badly sprained my ankle (see previous posts). I have to pick Big princess up from school today with Smaller beautiful…this means a 20min walk there & 20min walk back home. This would take 10min on my bike.

Im working tonight. This means bus there @ £2.20 which will take 40min. Worse the journey home at another £2.20 will be with with drunk smelly folk & I will have to wait in the cold for that pleasure at 10pm in the city centre…i’ll get home at 11pm.

On my bike it takes 20min from leaving work to walking in my front door…it doesn’t cost a penny & as the ride home is uphill…im lovely & warm.

I miss riding my bike. My ankle is still sore, im still walking with a limp.
I’m told it can take 4-6 weeks to heal fully. I know I cant get back to my running till then, but what about cycling?

I honestly cant wait that long! I’ll go insane.

After a google search I have found forums where cyclists have rested a week & got back on their bike. They also say if it hurts then stop before any further damage is done.

I think a test run is in order without the buggy & without the hills.

Any advice from fellow cyclists would be greatly recieved as I’m desperate to get my freedom back.

P.S I dont drive, never have. Probably never will…I just want my bike back.


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