I did the 5K Big Fun Run (Hobble) For Grayson!

OK I did it and here are the pics to prove it.

Clearly I could only do some bits of the warm up since rolling ankles and jumping were out…as was moving side ways like a crap…hence the laughter!


I caught up with a friend from my counselling course…needless to say after this photo I never spotted her again!


The girls did their best to occupy themselves while I was away…I think this game actually looks more fun don’t you?


I still had a little bit left to go, but my beautiful princesses came rushing up to me before I turned the corner to the finish line!


My huge backside and I finally made it across the finish line…If there was ever an incentive to lose weight its this damn photo!


Here is the medal and the pose …how proud of myself am I!



So there you have it…My first ever 5k race…I may not have ran it like I had trained to and desperately wanted to, but I’m proud of myself and very grateful to Innocent Charms Chats for allowing me to run in Grayson’s name. I hope the money raised today for Cerebra and SWAN UK go to help wonderful courageous and deserving children and families as amazing as Grayson and his family.


There is still time to donate if you feel the urge: HERE!




One thought on “I did the 5K Big Fun Run (Hobble) For Grayson!

  1. Congratulations from a fellow runner. Had a look through all of your pictures. I was there running yesterday, and really enjoyed the event. It was my first ever official event – hoping there are many more to come for both of us!

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