5K Big Fun Run (hobble!)

Tomorrow I will be making my way around a 5k route where I live in order to raise money for two amazing charities!

As you already know from last weeks post: I’m in love with Mickey Mouse!   I have badly damaged my ankle, I could not bare the thought of letting those charities down or the people who have sponsored me, but more importantly the beautiful family whose son I am running for.

Recently Kara from Innocent Charms Chats posted twitter and instegram about how her beautiful little boy Grayson has made some remarkable steps. First of all he knelt up to watch his favorite cartoons and then using some fabulous squeaky shoes he stood and moved his feet to hear the sounds they made.

I think this little chap is amazing and if he can do that then I can get around a 5k track.

I may not be running any more as I have been told this could delay my foot healing and cause more damage to the soft tissue in my ankle. So my plan is to power walk with the help of my crutches.

Should you wish to read more about why I am running (hobbling) and more about Cerebra and SWAN UK then you can read all about it on my BIG FUN RUN page here

If you could dig deep down the sides of your sofa, in old jackets, trousers and purses I would be very grateful for any pence or pound donated to these great charities that work with such beautiful and amazing families just like Graysons family.

You will find my sponsorship page here with Virgin Money Giving

Thank you so much for your support

The Cycling (hobbling) Mummy


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