I’m a crafty lady

Ok so I have not shared any of my crafty projects on here before, but it is something that I get a lot of enjoyment out of. Especially the stuff I do with the girls and for the girls.

I thought it was time I unleashed my craftiness on you all.

This post has two projects in; the first are a pair of Big Princesses trousers that she ripped…I have no idea how she managed to rip them but there was a huge tear all the up the centre  (back) of one leg. The trousers still fit her lovely and were a lovely pair of cords from H&M. I had kept them tucked away in my crafts to do pile wondering how to fix them when I came across this blog: Hungry Hippie

I thought this was a great idea and knew exactly which pair of trousers I could create this masterpiece on!

Cut out the section of trouser where you want to add the fabric. The rip was in the back so that is where I cut out.

Ok so Big Beautiful and I went to our local market to choose some fabric. As they are her trousers I let her choose any she wanted.

My girl has good taste and chose a beautiful cream fabric with a strawberry and blossom print on it. As i am just starting out and this was one of my first sewing projects ( on clothes) I am not going to go on about different types of fabric…cos I don’t have a clue and would make a tit of myself.

The fun bit

OK cut out the fabric, you need it bigger than the hole in the trousers as you need the seam! Don’t forget the hem too. I have pinned that here so that I can see what im doing and know where to sew.

Sew the hem first and then the rest. Do make sure you press the seams so that they are not scratching or poking little legs. Hungry Hippie solved this by making a block of fabric with batting. As this was just a quick “I wonder if I can do it” project I have not bothered.

There you have it…I know they are a bit wonky

OK so after sewing and pressing, turn them the right way out and there you have it….I am aware that the shape is slightly different. I cut out the triangle from the top of the rip…what I should have done is start ABOVE the rip as now I have an oval and a pointy one. I’m not overly concerned as these are now playing out trousers and would otherwise have been thrown out (which I could not bare to do while there is still wear in them!)

The trousers along with her hairband

So for my first attempt im fairly pleased with them and I am sure you can do much better.

We had some fabric left over so I made Big Princess and head band to match. I copied the design from one that someone had bought me for my birthday and thought…that is so easy to make!

One long strop of fabric, folded over to make a strip and pressed. sew the ends together, bed over a piece of elastic and sew along it to secure it.

This is so simple – one long piece of fabric – I wanted it about 2 inches in with so went for 4 inches across and you can make it as long as you like. This is a small one to fit Big princess.

Fold over (pretty sides together and sew the edges together and one of the ends diagonally. Do the same with the other end, but leave a gap as you need that to turn it the right way out. Now press it and use a knitting needle or something similar to help you push it the right way out and either hand sew or use a hemming tape to fix the hole you left….Then press it as flat as possible.

Get a piece of elastic and tie the two ends in a knot. This gives you a band.

Measure it around the head it’s going on if possible and fold the fabric one end over a bit of the elastic and pin it in place…do the same with the other side of the strip of fabric.

Then sew where you have pinned as close to the elastic as possible to hold it in place.

Here is my model showing how the headband works. Over her head and the loose ends tying her hair up…the elastic is under her hair holding it in place.

She must have liked it as she wore the whole lot the next day too!

Big Princess wearing the stuff I made…proud mummy

What do you think?


6 thoughts on “I’m a crafty lady

    • Fun stuff is grand though isn’t it! There are lots of things I want do with crafts that I would love to learn to do…knitting & drawning or painting for example…both my LO’s love things like that, perhaps, as with everything, learning to craft it just takes practice…time to practice is of course always an issue! Also if ur both having fun then it doesnt matter what it all turns out like x

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