Sore throat soother.

I have been meaning to write a few different posts on my blog for quite some time now. For one reason or another I never quite got around to doing them. Mainly these are posts on projects I have been doing, ideas that I have had such as doing a list of things to pack for a camping trip with small kids as I always seem to forget something! So I though an essential guide might help other camping families. What do you think?

I do quite a few sewing projects that I wanted to put on here, many of them I have found on pinterest and wanted to give them a go, others I have bought something and thought “I could make that”. So I am going to share some of the projects I have carried out throughout the year. Feel free to have a go and share your own ideas in the comments below.

The first project I am going to share with you is something I found on Pinterest. You can find the original post here  from Catherineboley .

Honey, Lemon and Ginger Jelly (to make a tea)

During the winter months I always suffer with a sore throat. Working on a help line does not help, due to the amount of talking required! So I love settling down on an evening to a honey and lemon drink. The Honey naturally soothes sore throats and the lemon is full of Vitamin C to help fight off bugs!

I never thought of adding ginger to these drinks despite knowing it has wonderful blood cleansing and detoxing properties. So when I saw this on Pinterest I decided that I could add ginger to this too. So had to try it

We had bought some lovely jars from IKEA  to make our home-made pot noodle (as found in the River Cottage “Veg Everyday”cook book) So I used one of these but you can use any jar bought or recycled with a lid.

1/2 whole Lemons (sliced)

Sliced fresh Ginger

1 jar of Honey – organic is suggested on the original Pinterest post but it’s up to you

Stick it all in together and in the fridge to let it set – It should turn to jelly.

When you feel the need to sooth your sore throat, spoon out some jelly, add to your favorite mug and add hot water.

1 honey, lemon and ginger tea!

NB: the first batch I made I mixed it up (stirred) this caused the lemon juice to mix in with the honey so it did not set. It was still delicious, but the batch I made today I have left it alone so I will let you know if it sets this time.


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