I am in love with Mickey Mouse!

I am currently out of action…and I hate it!

On Wednesday I finished work at 2pm and cycled home to pick up the buggy that attaches to the back of my bike. My intention was to pick up Big Princess from school and cycle to the little shopping centre to do a small food shop and take her for a hot chocolate.

Big Princess and I have regular Mummy/Daughter days. Especially since having Smaller Beautiful. I have noticed that when we don’t get this quality time together she gets moody and her behaviour, whilst not very naughty, is definitely out of character. She had been helping a lot in the house recently and after starting primary school this month I felt she deserved an extra special treat. So a magazine and hot chocolate in a cafe is her favorite thing to do.

As I set up the buggy and went to attach it to my bike I caught the side of my trainer in a crack on my drive way…my foot went one way and my leg went another. The pain was enough to make me feel sick and I distinctly heard a crack from my ankle.

Sitting on the floor in agony a thousand things went through my head.

How will I pick Big Princess up on time?

She will be upset we can’t go to the cafe

and finally…

I can’t get up, there’s no one around….Shit.

After a moment i managed think practically and literally crawled to my phone which was in my cycle helmet on the floor near my bike. I called The Hoarder at work and burst into tears as soon as he answered. he agreed to pick up Big Princess and I said I would try to get next door…This was impossible, I couldn’t put any weight on my foot at all.

There is a family directly opposite us, Mum and Dad and two grown sons ( in a 2 bedroom house) They get a bit of stick in the street as they keep to themselves, but I have never had an issues with them. I’m thankful that I haven’t as the Mum and Dad came to my rescue and helped me into the house, offering me their support and kindness.

It felt like hours passed until The Hoarder get home. In that time I had called my mum, who felt just as helpless since she recently fell and punctured her lung, I spent the rest of the time sobbing, gripping the sofa and asking for advice from the beautiful friends I have on Twitter.

So an X-Ray later and it is not broken (Such relief!) I have however damaged the soft tissue around the front of my ankle. and pulled some of the tendons in my ankle.


I am meant to be resting it…2 days the nurse said. Today is the 2nd day and it feels so much worse than yesterday. The swelling has gone down a little, but now it feels stiff and harder to walk on.

The difficulty is that The Hoarder works nights. So he is getting in at 5amish, this means he is asleep most of the day. Smaller Beautiful was up most of last night and so was sleeping in my bed, along with the pain in my foot and a wriggle bum next to me I have hardly slept. Breakfast still needs to be done and the girls still need to be dressed. The Hoarder is having to do the school run and as a result is complaining that he is tired so I now feel guilty as well as frustrated.

My house is upside down

There is washing in the washing machine and the washing that was meant to be put away on Wednesday is spilling over to the floor where people have raided it for their clothes.

I can see dust that was meant to be cleaned yesterday

My Toddler is bored of being in the house for 2 full days (in her PJ’s still) so she has found everything to get my attention. Including drawing on herself and my sofa as I was not quick enough to get up and stop her!

I am demented as this was only yesterday and I have to do it all again today and tomorrow if I don’t get to rest this leg today…which I wont!

Cue lots of tears from me, lots of shouting in my frustration and lots of feeling sorry for myself on Twitter!

The most awful part of it, other than neglecting my children and being unable to get myself a coffee, is that I have been told not to run.

I have the BIG FUN RUN on 6th October and was still training for it. While I’m told I can’t run I will still be there …with balloons on!

I fully intend to power walk the race and I will sign up to do another one in the future that I WILL run!

In the mean time I will continue to attempt to rest my leg by having the Mickey Mouse DVD on repeat as he is the best darn babysitter I have right now! I may marry him.


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