Giddy over a “bike” gift

If someone had told me several years ago, even 6 months ago, that I would get excited over a present from The Hoarder I could quite believe it. It doesn’t happen often (Birthdays and Christmas) so of course I would be delighted.


If you had then told me that the gift I had gone giddy over was a wonderful pannier rack so I could attach my flowery Side bag to my bike, then I may have considered having you sectioned, or at the very least offered to help you to the doctors.


But here I am, very excited, to go out on my commute tomorrow so that I can try out my pannier rack.

Hey this is no ordinary Bike rack, oh no!

As my Bike has a fantastic suspension (think bumpy rides up hills and over kerb, along with my padded seat I have a very comfy bottom) I am unable to have a panniers attached to my back wheel, so I needed a rack that would attach to my seat.

When The Hoarder first told me about this I was a little sceptical. Surely this would not be strong enough for my bag let alone one filled with books/a magazine/my e-reader/Netbook/spare pants for the kids/baby wipes/make up/hairbrush/kitchen sink as well as my purse and keys or a change of clothes. The bike racks I was aware of could carry a child, namely my brother, of ten years of age at speed down to the local shop for  a 10p mixed bag of sweets (or 10p mix). They were solid …not flimsy and attached to ONLY the seat. How could I give my brother a croggy on that?

So I did a little research and read some reviews from a few seasoned cyclists who had used such pannier racks on a bike with suspension. The feed back was really positive. Some even carrying over the 10kg  recommended load (hope for my little brother yet) on long journeys and even with a triple pannier bag attached.

I was sold and so researched the different options and prices.

Today I asked The Hoarder to meet me at a local cafe for cyclists called the Bike Hub. We had not been before and as I was passing on my way home thought it would be an excellent opportunity.

There it was, the only one in the small bike parts shop situated next to the little cafe.  It was meant to be. We get the lovely bloke to fit it (what is a bike repair man called? Surely not a mechanic? a Bike servicer? That sounds slightly wrong…lets think of something to call him)

So Bob attached it, sorted out my seat and even found a way that I could have my mud guard on still (We love Bob).

So now I am the proud owner of the all magical Bike pannier rack and I could not be happier…Who knew something so simple could cheer me up on a PMT Grump day!


(photo to follow)


What simple thing (from someone else) would cheer you up today?


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