My oldest babies first day of school

Today is Big Beautifuls first half day at primary school. I am in a flurry of mixed emotions. She has attended pre-school for 2 years now and has had a uniform there, so the whole buying the uniform and not being with her for part of the day was not the emotional wrench on us that it could have been.


That said the idea that my beautiful baby, my first born, is not in “proper school” has had my stomach churning all morning. It may help for you to read my 3 part post on Big Beautifuls traumatic entry into the world to help you to understand exactly how proud of my little girl I am and how far she has come.

I’m about to jump on my bike and do the first of many cycle pick ups from her new school. Although she has only been gone an hour or two I can’t wait to see her and find out what she has been doing and if she has enjoyed herself with her new teachers.



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