Caught in the moment @ a festival

Oh my Goddess!
Have you ever been caught in a moment in a festival? This is not my first festival, nor my last. I will be rocking to my grave.

But …

This is the first in 2 years & the longest I have been away from The Beautifuls. 4 nights. 4nights with the hoarder. 4 nights of drink. 4 nights of uninterrupted alone time.

All I have wanted to do is jump him…where did that come from?

Is it the tent? The idea that I am as close to mother earth & my own personality here rather than mother, rather than my body being owned by my children?

I am free here. This is who I used to be.

Is it the music? The beat, the vibrations, the innuendo of Steal Panther, tenacious D or (oh my ) Biffy Clyro? Maybe even Reckless Love (I made it there in time to see him take his top off!)

Is it simply the alone time? Are we rediscovering each other? Remembering why we fell In love, remembering how nice it is to cuddle all night or drink all night & talk crap to each other.

Maybe its all of these. Maybe Download festival 2012 saved my relationship? Maybe this is the year I found myself again.


Maybe I should step away from the Jagamister truck?

(photo to follow…Im still @ the Jaga truck)


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