I can believe a week has passed already, how did Friday get here so soon? I had so many plans for this week!

Get the washing done

Tidy the girls bedroom

Tidy my bedroom

Go for a run on my own

Go for a run with Big Beautiful

Go to the gym

Actually I did do some of those things. I got half the washing done, mainly because Big Beautiful and I are working on having dry nights. This means more wet nights and more washing which gets in the way of my normal washing schedule.

I also went out for a run with Big Beautiful which was great fun. We had talked about it on Monday and Tuesday as a way of spending some quality time together. She had started to get really clingy and crying on a morning saying she did not want to go to school. This was so sudden and so out of character I was sure something awful had happened to put her off school, I was worried about her all day. Fortunately we have some wonderful friends on Twitter and Facebook who offered all their advice and support (as usual). I spoke to her teachers who were just as perplexed.

So an early night was planned and some running time with Mummy.

In our local park there is a football pitch so Big beautiful decided we should run around the white lines on the grass. I thought this was a great idea until she started cheating. Rather than follow the lines she ran diagonally across shouting “Mummy your gonna loose”.

Loose I did, after lots of laughing and shouting cheat at each other we played properly and ran our circuit together before going into the park to play on the swings. Did I mention it was raining? We were soaked, but rather than being put off the rain seemed to make it better.

I have spoken to runner Friends recently who claim they love running in the rain as it cools them down and it’s often quieter. I must admit I am a convert after the fun we had on Wednesday in the rain.

I can’t wait to do it again.

It also seemed to do wonders for Big Beautiful who had an early night and went to school on Thursday and Friday without a single tear or clinginess.

I have not managed to go out on a run on my own, despite plenty of opportunity. I still feel embarrassed about running around our local area (not that I know anyone!) In my sports gear and my huge behind wobbling along.

Running with Big Beautiful has given me some confidence though and I also went to the gym on my own for the first time in 5 years today.  So I am getting there. I do intend to go out for my first run on Sunday. I am mad at myself as this will be exactly a week since I decided I would do the Big Fun Run in October. I mentioned in my first Couch to 5k post that I had been invited to do this by a few work mates. I figured why not and signed up, I think it is good motivation since I am doing the Couch to 5k from the NHS website anyway

So there can be no more excuses. Couch to 5k is on!

TIPS for going to the gym:

Remember to take spare knickers

Remember to take spare sock

Remember your shoes

Remember your change for the locker

Do not leave shampoo and locker key in shower room as you will look like an idiot wandering around in your towel looking for them.

Other than this I think my first Gym session went ok.


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