7×7 award!

Wow look what I have now!

Thank you to Jhasmoments for thinking of me.

I have seen all the awards she has received and wondered how I would get my hands on one…and now I have!

Do go and check out her wonderful writing (I especially love her earth day poem) and her poetry in images can never fail to move me and inspire me.

Here are the Rules:

Tell everyone something that no one else knows about you

Link my personal posts to a variety of categories

Nominate 7 other deserving blogs

Something no one knows about me? I don’t think there is anything…OK I know…I read my own Angel cards, when I need some help and support I ask the angels to help me. (this is often quietly so I don’t get locked up!)

Most Beautiful piece: The ones written for both my Daughters birthdays Big Beautiful Part 1, Part 2 and part 3 and Smaller beautiful birthday piece also know as the night she slept!

Most helpful Piece: The most helpful to me was the 3 part story of Big Beautifuls birth. (the links are above) It was the first time I had sat down and really thought about each moment that passed, how I felt at the time and how much the event effected me. There have been a number of searches every day for M.A.S that have lead people to these posts. I do hope that our story has brought other parents some comfort.

Most popular Piece: What on earth is a Mooncup?

Most surprisingly successful Piece: Reality Bites. It was just a write up of our holiday, but I got quite a bit of feedback on it through Twitter.

Most controversial Piece: I don’t think I have one? Maybe The Rage? or What on Earth is a Mooncup? I’m sure my writings of womanly occurring made some people squirm.

Most underrated piece: Most of them lol

Most pride worthy piece: I’m quite proud of most of them although I do enjoy re-reading my Ode to autumn


Passing the 7×7 on:

And the nominations are:









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