Things to do before I am 40!

I am really really behind doing this, I was very kindly tagged by Tales of an average mummy while I was on holiday in Centre Parcs after that I got distracted by sparkles  as usual. However, I have been writing lists, I love lists, of things that I would really like to get done before I turn 40. As I recently turned 32 my achievements and goals have been playing strongly on my mind so I am pleased to have this opportunity to look at what I want to get out of life and what I need to focus on.

The Meme was started by two point four children who suggests you can change the title to the nextmilestone…20, 30, 40 etc etc

Right then…

1. Have a ride in a Helicopter (was meant to be done b4 30!)

2. Loose the weight for good

3. Be employed as a Counsellor

4.Have a full time job (not part time)

5. Go on Holiday abroad with the girls

6.Take the girls to Disney land florida

7.Take the girls to see Santa at Lapland

8. Go and see Phantom of the Oprah again in London

9. Get Married/have a handfasting

10.Have a 3 bedroom house that is finished

11.Learn to Roller skate

12.Learn to forgive and forget

13. Have a weekend abroad with The Hoarder

14. Become self sufficient

15. Attend a Pagan Moot.

16. Be at Stonehenge for a Summer solstice

17. Be fit enough to go on a biking holiday camping around England with The Hoarder.

18. Camp abroad

19. Go wild camping

I think that may be enough to be getting on with?

So I need to tag other bloggers, I find the trick is actually finding someone who has not done this Meme.

I tag:

My lovely friend Mrs Carter:


13 thoughts on “Things to do before I am 40!

  1. What the heck is a handfasting? (btw I totally read that as handfisting at first. Which says more about me, I think)

    Thanks for the tag, my list is either going to be really really long or really really short 🙂

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