Reality Bites!

So here I am, back from our week away at Center Parc, Sherwood Forest.

We have all had a fantastic time and although we go to Centre Parc almost yearly, I must say that this week has been the best ever.

Our week included spending a whole day in the subtropical paradise pool where I saw my children turn into fearless, free, spirits learning to swim and to love the water as much as I do. I saw a beautiful scene as Smaller Beautiful reached her small hand up to her Grandad to take him for a walk around the pool…again.

This was just the start of a beautiful friendship.

The Hoarder and my baby brother (19) went Tree Trekking and survived whilst wearing pink helmets.  All the while Big Beautiful and I took the roller skates we got from Santa and learnt to roller skate together.

I enjoyed a blissful 3 hours in the Aqua Sana Spa. How quickly that time went in  the range of Sauna’s,  swimming in the rain, cuddling warm under a fleece reading Sylvia Plath listening to  owls or other night time birds communicating nearby. The, much needed, 15 minutes in the meditation room, my solitary walk  and mindful relaxation within the Zen Garden. A dream come true for a Pagan on a spiritual journey of self awareness.

Not to mention gliding through the trees the air through my hair on my Bike, my babies asleep in the buggie pulled behind me.

Ah is it any wonder that, as I sit here on my sofa surrounded by washing, toys and exhausted children fighting sleep until 10pm on a school night (please, please go to sleep), I feel utterly low… actually depressed that it is all over.

The freedom, the fresh air, the nature, the space, the alone time and the together time now feels like something I read in a book and I, the reader, am left clinging on wanting more. I feel frustrated because I am back in reality, work, stress, restrictions, time limits… Oh how depressing.

I can’t shake it. The thought of going back to daily life is…did I mention depressing?

So to insert some fun I have been trying to think about lovely things I can do that extend from our holidays:

I’m going back to Zumba on Monday.

We have a local roller disco and I intend to take Big Beautiful every week to continue our skating success.

Back to spinning on a Thursday as I discovered just how unfit I have become!

I intend to take the two Beautifuls swimming at out local pool. We have only been once or twice since Smaller beautiful was born, I intend to keep my fearless   the little water babies they are.

As for my spiritual needs, me time is the order of the day. A walk, A cycle, to read my book in the park and to take up mindfulness meditation again.

There now. Feeling better already.


4 thoughts on “Reality Bites!

  1. Oh wow that all sounds bliss! I can’t wait to take S to centre parcs, hopefully this year. Have fun at the roller disco’s! I’ve not been to one of those since I was 16!

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