Friday Photo Time

It has been a while since I joined in with the fab Innocent charms chats and her equally fab Friday Photo Time. This is how it works. There are two parts to this post pop on over to Innocent Charms Chats for her weekly Friday Photo Time post and more details on what to do and for the linky.

The first bit:

Flashback Friday

I am a bit miffed as the photo I wanted to use this week appears to be stuck to the glass in the photo frame, to remove it I would have had to rip it and I just love it too much to do that.

Instead I have opted for a christmas theme.

This is The Hoarder and Big beautiful in Centre Parc, Whinfell Forest in 2008. Mm booked the holiday as she planned to go away for christmas and would not be spending it with us. So my family, my brother and his family, my little brother and his girlfriend all had an early christmas, including dinner.

Centre Parc had a winter wonderland including real life reindeer who we could feed. That Christmas The hoarder gave me a framed photo of Big Beautiful and me with the reindeer, it comes out every year, but I love this pic as she does not seem so sure about these animals and I love that she is looking back for reassurance. Of course she was fine and loved Santa’s reindeer. I love this picture even more this year as smaller beautiful is about the age Big Beautiful was in this photo, in fact she is wearing big beautiful snow suit when we go out.

I adore christmas time and this year Big Beautiful has helped dec the halls, Smaller Beautiful is bewildered by it all but loving the songs and the lights and the excitement in the atmosphere. Just as Big Beautiful did back then. This year is going to be so special. Two beautiful daughters, me and The Hoarder are getting on well …My little family.

The Friday Phone Dump


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