Friday Photo Time


I have been wanting to join in with this link for a few weeks now and have always missed it for one reason or another (kids, work, domestic goddessness etc) so I am really pleased to get some time to do this today.

This is how it works. There are two parts to this post pop on over to Innocent Charms Chats for her weekly Friday Photo Time post and more details on what to do and for the linky.

 My Flashback Friday: A photo from my past

This is my lovely Nanna, Kathleen.

We have just celebrated Samhain on 31st October. In the pagan path I follow we believe that the veil between the living and the dead thins at this time and so is the perfect opportunity to  remember those we have lost, our ancestors and the memories we have of them. Although I never stop thinking of her, I seem to be remembering her on a daily basis at the moment. The way she cared for everyone. I was told once, by a friends grandmother who knew her, that a lady in her hairdressers did not have enough money for her hair cut, so my Nanna paid for the lady. This is the type of warm heart she was. Small beautiful looks like her. She has the gap in her two front teeth, so when she smiles she looks just like my Nanna. My dad and my mum have both commented on the similarity. While I think this is lovely, I find I have an ache in my chest. I would have loved for Nanna to meet my children and as my relationship with my mum is strained at the time of writing this I long for her to step in and ground my mother the way she did when I was small.

The beautiful lady tending her garden in the photo died on September 13th 1993.  She had been knocked over by a student teacher in a road that my Nanna was not even meant to be on…or maybe she was?, she died two weeks later after a blood clot reached her lovely heart.

Gone but not forgotten.

Friday Phone Dump: Photo’s from my phone taken this week.


2 thoughts on “Friday Photo Time

  1. Wow – Huge thanks for taking part, what a beautiful Flashback Friday, she sounded like a truly lovely lady and I am sorry she died so young. I am so intrigued by your Pagan beliefs, we really need to meet one day.
    Love the photo’s from your phone, what a pretty little devil.
    Thanks again xxx

    • Thank you for the opportunity. Did I do it all right? (links etc?) This is first linky so not sure what the right way to do it was, really pleased I got to join in this week.
      She was fab. 58 when she died, no age at all. Thanks for reading hunnie I def think a meet up is on the cards soon x x x

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