I guess this makes me a blogger?

Oh the pressure!

Well that’s it, My very first words as a BLOGGER!

Where to go next? An introduction perhaps?


Hello my name is Emma and I am a blogger. I live with the hoarder (male) and our two beautiful daughters. Big Beautiful is 3 years old who is far to intelligent for her own good and Smaller Beautiful is almost a year old and takes after her night owl parents, which would not be so bad if I could handle the pace still…there is not enough coffee in the world to keep me going all night these days!

I became inspired to blog after a recent obsession with Twitter, where I was introduced to a whole new magical world of mummies who blogged and were up past 3am…no not clubbing or getting down with their bad selves, but desperately trying to get through the 3am feeds, the wind, the puke, the colic, the colds and the night terrors…and that was just the mummies!

I can’t tell you how much I adore these women who I have laughed with and cried with and gotten angry at their partners with. So I thought I would give it a go. I am attempting to stay away from being another Mummy blogger as those fab ladies have almost every aspect covered. I’m hoping to just be me, whoever the hell that is. I will talk about being a pagan as I am still learning so perhaps you can learn with me? I will rant about my Horder and his 3 sheds of …everything, which is currently overflowing into the house, the whole motherhood/slave life I have going on and my work and learning as a person centred counsellor, as this seems to embody everything I am and touches every aspect of my life…It is a way of life.

I look forward to talking to you again.

Blessed Be x x

P.S I have not slept for a year, so any typo’s and spelling errors will be blamed on a reduction of brain cells due to the torture of sleep deprivation. If you point out my spelling I shall direct you to this disclaimer.


11 thoughts on “I guess this makes me a blogger?

  1. Let me be the first to welcome to the blogosphere!

    (I tripped on your page while idly perusing the “pagan” tags, lol)

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  3. Oh fab, much as I love twitter, the 160 character rule is a pain. I look forward to reading about your jouney into the toddler years!!!! And my OH’s horders books so I fully sympathise!!

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